Our Belief

As advisors on business strategy, we believe that our measure of success depends on the business results that our work helps our clients to achieve. We work with clients with a long term business perspective and support non-profit and start-up ventures. The wide range of business consulting services that Stabaka offers is conducted with high ethical standards and value systems – with a belief of thinking global, but acting local.

Responsibility Towards Customers
  • Work towards the long term interests of clients
  • Create and deliver value to the customer
  • Deliver quality service in the promised time frame
  • Respect client confidentiality
Responsibility Towards Employees
  • Create and encourage a learning environment for all employees at work
  • Maintain transparency, fairness and honesty in all company operations
  • Encourage self leadership, organizational ownerships and entrepreneurship at all levels
  • Encourage equal opportunity for all employees
  • Encourage respect for the individual
Responsibility Towards Community
  • Contribute to the welfare of the society though better education and health
  • Encourage optimum utilization of environment and natural resources
  • Regular payment of our fair share of taxes
Responsibility Towards Stockholders
  • Business must generate sound profit & reserves must be created for adverse times
  • Promote innovation
  • Fair returns must be given to all stockholders